Managing PartnersManaging partners in the One Way Entertainment Group, Michael Omartian, Don Somerville and Bobby Blazier have decades of experience in all facets of the music industry.

•   Michael Omartian is the first record producer to chart #1 hits in three consecutive decades, has been the recipient of seventeen Grammy nominations, has been recognized by The Recording Academy (NARAS) as Keyboard Musician of the Year and is a Yamaha Sponsored artist.

•   As a producer, Don Somerville has successfully worked with Grammy award-winning artists and songwriters to create some of the most commercially accessible music of today. As a songwriter, Don brings to the table a creative diversity that’s reflected in the sampling of his co-writers over the years. Currently, he wears a variety of hats as a producer, music publisher, performer and artist manager.

•   Bobby Blazier is a thirty-year veteran in the music business, having worked as a producer and musician with a multi-faceted array of artists. He has been the recipient of both Dove and Grammy Awards, has held executive positions with EMI, served as head of A&R with Viveo Records and served as a vice-president for Orbison Productions.

However, the credentials held by the managing partners is secondary to their passion for celebrating the true origins of the music of the Jesus movement: the One Way Experience.

 40 years after Explo ’72–the revolutionary gathering of over 100,000 Christians in Dallas in the summer of 1972–it is the goal of One Way Entertainment Group to create awareness, pay tribute, and embrace the artistry of the groundbreaking contemporary artists that began this movement–a movement thats still in motion.

One Way Experience is a return to the heart of where this life-changing music began. It is a reunion of artists and a rekindling of hearts. The team believes that God has changed lives and will continue to do so through these artists and their songs, and that souls will be reconnected to a passion for Jesus that can change the world.